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All Meats Offers an All-You-Can-Eat Option for Carnivores

All Meats follows the churrascaria model of the steakhouse, searing high-quality meats over an open flame and serving them rodizio-style — that is, fresh from the spit. You can choose this all-you-can-eat rodizio feast, which allows you to savor as many cuts of meat as you can handle, or order items one by one from the menu.

You might have a hard time choosing between the different cuts of meat, however, with options like the chef’s special long-bone prime tomahawk ribeye. The chef encrusts it with sea salt and cracked pepper, grills the huge slab to perfectly tender over charcoal, and then sends it out with a server, who carves a slice right onto your plate. Other options include pork ribs, house-cured carne de sol (a jerky-life beef), charcoal-grilled chicken, and even octopus.

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