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Eat Healthier in 2020 at Orion Fresh, Now Open Near Avalia

Bringing the made-to-order fast-casual concept to salads and wraps, Orion Fresh Mediterranean is the hottest new spot for lunch in Boca Raton. Since opening its doors in September, this place has been impressing customers with its unique blend of Greek, Israeli, and other Mediterranean cuisines. And because its menu items are on the healthier side, Orion Fresh is perfect for diners who resolved to eat better in the new year!

First, you pick between a grain bowl, a platter, or a pita wrap. Then, you choose from an array of bases like rice, lentils, chickpeas and greens, and add a protein like chicken, falafel, or shrimp. Next, you pick out a combination of your favorite toppings, spreads, and dressings, and you have yourself a satisfying meal that will still leave you change on a twenty dollar bill. Best of all, everything–from freshly pressed fruit juice to the braised lamb–is made in-house from top quality ingredients.