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Feb. 1 Near Avalia: The 34th Annual Boca Raton Museum Art Festival!

Mark your calendar for February 1, when the 34th Annual Boca Raton Museum Art Festival is scheduled at Mizner Park. This celebration is the longest-running outdoor art event in the city, drawing more than 40,000 people from around the region to admire and be inspired by sculpture, paining, pottery, textiles, glass, and just about any other artistic medium you can imagine. 

This year the festival is expecting to host 165 different artist booths, with a juried show for participating artists, in partnership with the Boca Raton Museum of Art. In fact, this festival is the only pop-up artistic market that is officially affiliated with the museum, so you can be sure that everything on display here is of truly exceptional quality. As you browse the festival, you can admire beautiful objects, make a few purchases, and even speak to the artists themselves. Even better, you might consider the festival as a good opportunity to visit the interior of the museum itself, too.