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Find Your New Ride at Hillsboro Bicycle

Even when it’s hot outside (maybe especially when it’s hot outside) riding a bike can allow you to catch a breeze and enjoy the summer heat. Sound like a plan? Then head over to Hillsboro Bicycle to update your ride. The service department at this locally owned shop will make sure your bike is in tip-top condition for the summer, and can add a variety of custom accessories to your ride, too. In the market for a new bike? Then you’re in luck, because Hillsboro Bicycle carries hundreds of different models, ranging from mountain and gravel bikes to sleek urban road bikes, beach cruisers, and adult three-wheelers (especially good for toting groceries, packed lunches, and other supplies). 

Whether you’re a seasoned cycling enthusiast or a complete beginner the staff will be able to help you determine exactly which bike is right for you.