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Unwind and Unplug at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Sometimes heading outdoors means jogging, biking, or other athletic pursuits. But sometimes what you really want is just to spend some time outdoors in calm contemplation of nature. If you’re looking for the latter, then a visit to Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens might be just what you have in mind. 

This 16-acre site includes extensive Japanese-style gardens, ponds, nature trails, and picnic areas. The site was designed more than a century ago, when a group of young Japanese immigrants decided to form an agricultural community they named Yamato (an ancient name for Japan) in their adopted country. Today the site includes the carefully maintained gardens, the original 1904 buildings modeled after a Japanese villa with an open-air courtyard, and a museum built in 1993 to preserve and share Japanese art, theater, cuisine, and traditional tea ceremonies. 

The entire site is now open to the public, on a limited basis, with health and safety guidelines in place. Visit the website for details and current hours of operation.