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Get in the Fall Spirit at Pumpkin Towne in Wellington

Living in Florida doesn’t mean you forsake all things festive each fall. On the contrary, it makes them all the more enjoyable—chances are, you won’t have Halloween overcome by a snowstorm like our friends up north might contend with. With that in mind, what’s the key to a perfect Floridian fall? Plenty of candy, perhaps a PSL, and, naturally, a pumpkin or two for the full effect. For the pick of the patch, look no further than Wellington’s Pumpkin Towne

You might recognize this spot from its December excitement as Tree Towne, the perfect spot to bring home a holiday tree. But, with autumn in full swing, you’ll be met not with a field of pine needles but with orange gourds as far as the eye can see. 

A trip to Pumpkin Towne is the perfect family-friendly activity to kick off your fall festivities. Whether you’re planning to add a few miniature pumpkins to your home decor, host a baking extravaganza with plenty of pie, or carve a new friend with a not-so-spooky face, you’ll find the perfect pumpkin at the Pumpkin Towne pumpkin patches, with plenty of photo opportunities along the way. Add #pumpkintowne to your favorites to make your Instagram feed as festive as you feel!