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Bakery of France Serves a Taste of Paris Near Avalia

Jetting off to the South of France with visions of fruit tarts and crusty baguettes in your head? Probably not going to happen (pandemic and all). The closest you’re going to get is Bakery of France on Spanish River Boulevard. Let the smell of butter and toasty flour wash over you as you step in the front door, and picturesque rows of baked breads and desserts dazzle your eye. You can opt for a carb-heavy meal of croissants and coffee or delicious signature sandwiches, or enjoy a Parisian dish like the Florentine quiche, Provençal salad, or ham and cheese crepes. 

And don’t forget what is, perhaps, France’s most famous export…the pastries. Bakery of France creates glazed tartes, classic macaron, rich mousse, and (almost) too-pretty-to-eat cakes on site each day. Order one of Bakery of France’s creations, and you’ll never be able to look the cake section in your grocery store again. Visit the website for photos of the gorgeous desserts, or to preview the menu. Bakery of France has online ordering and delivery, as well as limited indoor and outdoor seating.