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Replenish Your Fridge at Avalia at Joseph’s Classic Market

Joseph’s Classic Market is a far cry from your typical supermarket. For one thing, it’s a small chain with only three locations. For another, it was launched in 2005 by a Brooklyn-born foodie with decades of experience in the culinary industry. It’s also doing something special right now for its customers: offering delivery and pick-up of its gourmet groceries.

So if you’re not comfortable stepping into the store, or you’re just pressed for time, order your groceries online instead. You’ll still have full access to the entire roster of top-shelf foods, from fresh fish and meats to prepared dishes (think pizza and pasta). Don’t forget to check out the impressive wine and cheese selection, too! High-quality produce, a stellar bakery, eggs and dairy, and a wide assortment of shelf-stable goods round out the offerings at Joseph’s Classic Market.