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Taste What Makes Oli’s Fashion Cuisine a Boca Raton Institution

For such an upscale restaurant, Oli’s Fashion Cuisine sure does have a comfortable, neighborhood feel. Sure, the dishes are extremely elevated. There aren’t many places in town where you can get lobster tacos, sesame-crusted tuna steak, or a braised pork, veal, and beef ragu. But there are also incredibly approachable dishes, like chicken parmesan, classic cheeseburgers, and margherita flatbread. But it’s really the warm hospitality and personal service that makes Oli’s Fashion Cuisine a standout. The team takes great care in providing a genuine and inviting experience. To that end, they were quick to roll out a COVID response, as well as provide family-style to-go meals for your increasing need to dine at home. But just because you’re carrying out doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fanciness. The family meals are packaged with an appetizer, choice of entrée and dessert, plus you can add a hefty jug of house-made sangria. It’s a meal worth pulling out the good dishes for. Visit the Oli’s Fashion Cuisine website to preview the menu or to learn more about the history of this Boca Raton institution.