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Bring a Craving for Asian Fare to Rise Sushi

What would Boardwalk Plaza be without Rise Sushi? This local favorite has the sushi and Asian fare specialties that locals love. Many folks consider Rise Sushi their go-to spot, whether they are looking for a special night out, or just a way to make a fuel up on their favorite fresh fish and specialty rolls. Not a sushi eater? No fear. Rise Sushi has Far East stir fry dishes, noodles, and rice, along with salads, soups, and plenty of appetizers – a huge offering with something for everyone. Enjoy the modern, spacious dining room, or limited patio seating as space allows.

Rise Sushi is encouraging a reservation at this time due to the pandemic. And because Asian food makes the best kind of takeout (something we need more than ever right now), Rise Sushi has a specialty menu of carryout dishes. It’s no wonder that when you’re in the mood for Asian food, Rise Sushi is the best solution. Visit the website to preview the menu, or to order online.