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Now Open Near Your Apartment at Avalia: Sovereign Asian Kitchen

Asian cuisine is wide-ranging in terms of its flavors and cornerstone dishes, but a few particular sorts of this food stand out, like poke and boba. Originating from Hawaii and Taiwan respectively, these dishes go hand-in-hand with imaginings (by Americans in particular) of classic Asian foods. It’s unsurprising, then, that Boca Raton’s Sovereign Poke, Boba, Asian Kitchen is a popular destination for these dishes and more. 

Despite being a new addition to the Boca Raton food scene, Sovereign is already making a name for itself through its satisfied customers. Of course, their poke bowls and boba are particular fan favorites, but their Asian-inspired appetizers and other specialties come just as well-reviewed. From ramen and dumplings to bao buns and Korean glass noodles, there’s something delicious to try from across the continent. 

“Great new discovery,” enthuses one Yelp reviewer. “The food the drink the service are superb.” Another adds, “The food is amazing, fish is fresh, portion is huge and price is cheap compare to other poke places.” Combined with Sovereign’s enthusiastic service, extensive offerings, and convenient location, you’re sure to be planning your next trip before you’ve finished your poke, boba, or other dish.