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No St. Paddy’s Day Plans at Avalia? Head to The Irishmen Pub!

Our plans lately have included binge-watching shows from the couch and virtual happy hours. But this St. Patrick’s Day, there is no better place to grab a pint then from The Irishmen Pub. They put the focus on fun! Challenge your friends to a game of darts or join the poker league but don’t forget to grab a mask (and maybe some dark sunglasses) to complete your poker face.

Here the beer flows smoothly from their large selection on tap – eighteen varieties to keep you coming back. Want more from your authentic Irishmen experience? Then make sure to try the Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash. And top it off when an Irish favorite, Homemade Bread Pudding. No need to make reservations. Just head on down to the pub and belly up to the bar. Cheers!