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Take a Hike Through Blazing Star Preserve

We’re lucky to live in such a gorgeous locale with so many natural areas to explore. One spot to visit this season before the summer sun rolls in with blazing heat is Blazing Star Preserve. This local natural oasis is a scrub forest, a historic part of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge that somehow survived the development of the surrounding areas and offers sandy trails with tons of plant life to explore. 

The parking area is just off of West Camino Real Road and it’s usually pretty easy to snag a spot for a quick adventure. The park has tons of land but it’s not all developed with trails or hiking paths quite yet. There are two short paths that can be combined to make up a quick one-mile loop, perfect for an afternoon stroll with friends or a run for some exercise. The path is made up mostly of fine sugar sand, so get ready for a great workout!