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Frolic Among Fluttery Friends at Butterfly World

Looking for a fun excursion that will open your eyes to the beauty of all living things? Head to Butterfly World. Self-described as “the result of one man’s hobby gone wild,” this eco-park is home to three acres of butterfly gardens with thousands of fluttery friends, aviaries featuring hundreds of tropical birds, and even an interactive lorikeet encounter area! Plus, fun fact: It’s the largest butterfly house in the world. 

They recommend at least a few hours on your calendar to really be able to take in everything. Some will even spend the day chilling and hanging out with these beautiful creatures! If you work up an appetite while wandering, they do have two cafes and picnic areas for relaxing.

To get your ticket, plan ahead a couple weeks and buy them online or show up the day you’d like to visit to buy in person. Tickets are $32.50 for adults and $22.50 for kiddos ages 3-11.