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Bolay Brings Nutritious, Delicious Fare to West Boca

If you’re not familiar with Bolay quite yet, you’re about to get acquainted with their newest location in West Boca. This local chain is a favorite of many, serving up nutritional eats in a fast-casual setting. Their signature experience is the Build-Your-Own-Bol. You choose a base, a bunch of tasty veggies, as well as fresh and healthy protein. For the base, your options are cilantro noodles, forbidden black rice, Asian sweet potato noodles, balsamic mushrooms, and more. Then, protein! The miso-glazed tofu is perfect for the vegetarians in the group. For the carnivores try the mojo pulled pork and for those who love seafood, the spicy Thai shrimp is a great go-to option. 

The other thing that everyone loves is the family meal options! They have pre-made meals with a protein, veggie, and carb that serves four to five people. So, even if it’s just you and you want leftovers for the entire week, go for it! Favorites are the Asian Inspired Family Meal with jasmine rice, Asian sweet potato noodles, ginger, broccoli, teriyaki chicken, and five chocolate chip cookies, or the Havana Family Meal with jasmine rice, power beans, herb roasted potatoes, mojo pulled pork, and of course, the cookies.