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Satisfy a Craving for Authentic Japanese Fare at AlleyCat

If you’ve never tried Japanese Izakaya, now is your chance. The newly opened AlleyCat is an Izakaya bar that brings true authentic Japanese vibes and cuisine to Boca Raton. An Izakaya is a Japanese bar or restaurant that serves up shared plates and snacks meant to be accompanied by a beverage or two. 

The menu is split up into cold plates, hot plates, veggies, rice and noodles, meat and fish, and sushi. So depending on the palates of the guests in your party you can choose a bunch of options to share! For seafood-loving groups, try the king crab tacos and the shrimp crispy rice paired with a couple of rolls. Favorite options are the spicy scallop roll or the surf and turf roll with lobster and seared wagyu. If you’re a group of land lovers, try the Japanese-style bacon, wagyu beef dumplings, or grilled short rib with black garlic. And for good measure, everyone should try some shishito peppers with edamame puree and tempura trumpets with chili garlic miso. If you want a surprise, try the Omakase sushi option which is the chef’s choice! No matter what you try, it’s going to become one of your new favorites.

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