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Find Some Delicious Treats at Bulk In Bins—Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

While Bulk in Bins doesn’t scream “candy shop” through its name, you’ll actually find some really great treats at this local shop—just in time for Valentine’s Day! Located in Villages of Oriole Plaza, this local favorite has 25 years of experience crafting delightful gifts for any occasion. You can pop in and browse or call and let them know what you’re in search of, and they’ll whip something up on your behalf.

The “bulk in bins” idea comes from all the tasty truffles and sweets that they sell by the pound in the shop. You’ll find pretzels, peanut butter truffles, dried fruits, candied nuts, cookies, hard candies, and more. But beyond that, they sell all the fixings to make it a super sweet gift. From gift bags to baskets, plus extra trinkets like candles and that will elevate each present. They do run sales from time to time, like bring a friend and get 10% off, so grab a friend and head there to find some special holiday treats!

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